Do you need agency staff

Here at AE Driver Training & Recruitment we like to think of ourselves as more of an exclusive driver agency club, rather than a traditional recruitment agency. We are extremely passionate about our industry and our reputation. Service is the forefront of our business and we will ensure that all of our drivers will be on full time employment contracts with us, and will not only understand our deliverables but yours too.

Our philosophy around exceptionally high levels of customer service will ensure that:

  • Timesheets are properly completed and readable and will be provided to you weekly – and yes they will be signed.
  • Drivers will arrive on time, every time – we will not agree to provide a driver if we do not have one available, nor will we pull your booked driver to use on another more lucrative contract at the last moment.
  • All drivers will be fully trained to our standards, that includes basics such as uncoupling trailers, how to open curtains without ripping them, how to use pump trucks etc
  • All drivers will be fully uniformed with ID badges so no more ripped tracksuits.
  • All drivers will have working mobile phones so you will always be able to contact them.
  • Full training history records will be available for everyone to check, which will include copies of references.
  • If we can’t assist with a driver we will tell you and not agree to provide a driver hoping we can source one for you, only to let you down at the last minute.
  • Rates will be fixed for 12 months so no hike in prices during peak seasons.
  • Driver Negligence insurance comes as standard.
  • • Tailored regular review meetings to ensure smooth operations, communciations and to highlight best practice.

We have a range of experienced drivers available up to CAT C+E and can supply drivers for any duration from ad-hoc day cover right up to entire fleet provision for long term contracts.

read for further information or to make an appointment to discuss how we may assist your business then please contact us on 0845 3735000